Sperlonga is one of the most exclusive and famous tourist resorts in the Lazio region, which has been popular since the times of the ancient Romans and in particular the Emperor Tiberius, who had his imperial villa here, the splendid remains of which can still be visited today.
The town, perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the coast, has remained virtually unspoilt and has retained its typical Mediterranean appearance with white houses, views of the sea and sky alternating with narrow streets and steps leading down to the pristine sea (blue flag).
The place offers many other attractions, one is the Regional Park of the Riviera di Ulisse, a protected area within the municipalities of Gaeta (15 km), Formia (19 km), Minturno (32 km) and Sperlonga itself.
On the cliffs of Monte Orlando, where high rock walls sink to the sea, the endemic peregrine falcon has nests. From the coast, where bushes partially cover it, you can see the Circeo promontory, Vesuvius, and the Pontine Islands.
Visit Itri (14.4 km) and its medieval castle, Fondi (14.6 km), and its precious lake basin of the same name. The majestic Monastery of San Magno is situated just a short distance away. 
Finally, the famous Temple of Jupiter Anxur can be visited in the center of Monte Sant’Angelo, which is dominated by Terracina (16 km).

Piste ciclabili e trekking

Palazzo San Rocco is situated in front of the sea and is the starting point for all the bike paths.
In particular, about 10 minutes by bike beyond the port is the cycle path that connects Palazzo San Rocco with the National Archaeological Museum – Villa of the Emperor Tiberius (distance 2km).
If you go in the opposite direction towards the north, you can cycle along almost all the seafront (about 8 km) until you reach Lungo Lake, which is a protected area for the environment.
For MTB enthusiasts in good physical shape, from Palazzo San Rocco you can take the cycle path that passes through the upper village and continues along Via Fontana della Camera, climbing up the mountains for over 20 km with ring paths with variations with altitude jumps of over 500 mt.
Every October 15th, these routes host a regional MTB race. Trekkers can experience Mount Redentore, which is situated at over 1500 metres, just 10 km from Sperlonga, famous for its breathtaking views of the sea and for the Hermitage of San Michele Arcangelo carved into the rock of the mountain.